CUFOS is the Center for UFO Research founded by the late great J. Allen Hynek. Today it is a store house of records from the 1950s and 60s of outstanding UFO cases. We plan to scan these files for CUFO’s benefit and incorporate them into the Case Management System (CMS) worldwide UFO Database. Funding Needed to Complete this Project – $20,000


MARRS is an online system for storing and retrieving UFO sighting information for MUFON UFO cases prior to the year 2000. The acronym MARRS stands for the MUFON Anomaly Research and Reporting System. This system requires a dedicated server and hosting which costs approximately $800 per month. Annual Funding Needed – $9,600


The MUFON.com website needs to be made simpler and easier to use. The goal being to make UFO Information more readily accessible by the public. It will also be linked to the MUFON Store and the MUFON member’s section where once logged in as a member one will be able to manage their personal profile, membership renewal, and have access to member only information including deep dives into investigated cases. Funding Needed – $15,000


MUFON would like to fund a UFO research library second to none. Currently we have over 3,000 book titles in-house as well as photographic and video files that need organization and a physical location to house them. Estimated cost to set this up and make it available to the public are in the range of $10,000 – $12,000 per year. Funding Needed $12,000/year.


MUFON recently challenged our members with advance science and engineering degrees to participate in answering the 25 Greatest Questions of Ufology. The response was overwhelming with over 200 theses submitted by over 70 scientists. Our hope is that projects will spring forth from this that are worth pursuing for the benefit of humanity. To bring these projects into fruition funding will be needed. Modest at first and as things advance greater and greater. Initial Funding Needed to get started – $5,000


As the media becomes more and more interested in the UFO subject it is going to be imperative that MUFON be at the forefront of the conversation. It takes money to stay on top of the latest UFO stories and happenings. In fact, it takes a total media strategy and the resources to make it happen. MUFON is entertaining a software package called CISION used by major PR Firms and with the help of PR volunteers will be able to have its own in-house PR group. Let’s make this happen!  Software Funding Needed – $13,000/year 


MUFON occasionally receives evidence and materials claiming to be of extraterrestrial origin. Only the highest quality of Materials testing will prove whether this is true of not. To do this right requires funds to pay for advanced materials testing by independent laboratories worldwide. Funding Needed – $5,000 – $10,000/year 


MUFON TV is our in-house TV programming providing enhanced members new shows and live events like our 2020 MUFON Symposium. Funding is needed to support weekly programming on our latest cases and our monthly MUFON Insider show. Funding Needed – $1500 – $2,000/month

Your generous support of one or more of these important projects and making them a reality is greatly appreciated!

MUFON is a 501.c.3 non-profit making your donation tax deductible.

MUFON Tax ID # 37-0990161