We are excited to launch our long-awaited Project Aquarius! This has been many years in the making and is taking thousands of hours of manpower and commitment from our team and other teams. This project began 35 years ago.
This includes MAARS files, our gallery of illustrations from witnesses, newspaper articles that site UFO phenomena of tens of thousands of instances, all of our journals from 1967-2010 including Skylook Magazines, the never-before-seen Colonel Ruppelt Files and it goes on. We are launching this soon and the efforts that have gone into it and will go into it will take your support! Please join us in making this project live on.

Funding Needed to Complete this Project – $12,000/year.


Each year MUFON puts on its International Symposium. Most years we travel to other cities away from HQ. Members and enthusiasts from around the world join us in community building, educational talks, an FI training day, etc. We enlist amazing speakers and vendors for this event. Come and join us at the Symposium and also help provide an elevated experience for all of our patrons!

Funding Needed- $20,000/year.


The MUFON.com website needs to be monitored and maintained daily. We are investing in hosting our own servers, maintaining our own website, maintenance of our Social Networking site, hosting MUFON U and our new Project Aquarius. These take a lot of investment. We need support from our community to keep these functioning at the highest level.

Funding Needed – $6,000 Annually


MUFON recently challenged our members with advance science and engineering degrees to participate in answering the 25 Greatest Questions of Ufology. The response was overwhelming with over 200 theses submitted by over 70 scientists. Our hope is that projects will spring forth from this that are worth pursuing for the benefit of humanity. To bring these projects into fruition funding will be needed. Modest at first and as things advance greater and greater. Initial Funding Needed to get started – $5,000


As the media becomes more and more interested in the UFO subject it is going to be imperative that MUFON be at the forefront of the conversation. It takes money to stay on top of the latest UFO stories and happenings. In fact, it takes a total media strategy and the resources to make it happen. We are working with an amazing PR team and would love to continue together in our efforts  Let’s make this happen! Funding Needed – $25,000/year 


MUFON receives evidence and materials proposed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Only the highest quality of Materials testing will prove whether this is true of not. To do this right requires funds to pay for advanced materials testing by our very own lab.

 Funding Needed – $5,000 – $10,000/year 


MUFON TV is our in-house TV programming providing enhanced members new shows and live events like our 2023 MUFON Symposium. Funding is needed to support weekly programming on our latest cases and our monthly MUFON Insider show. Funding Needed – $1,500 – $2,000/month

Your generous support of one or more of these important projects and making them a reality is greatly appreciated!

MUFON is a 501.c.3 non-profit making your donation tax deductible.

MUFON Tax ID # 37-0990161