We’ve assembled some interesting testimony on UFOs.


MUFON is dedicated to investigating UFO sightings and encounters to provide reference materials for scientific exploration, to educate the general public and the impact of the UFO phenomenon on society. In recent decades, videos have recorded some of these occurrences. While records using this media have been somewhat helpful in dispelling the assumption that UFOs are a myth, every video recording must be investigated and its integrity verified or dismissed.

Some of the most credible phenomenon, such as 1997’s lights over Phoenix, AZ, have been recorded by witnesses as they occurred. Other compelling videos have featured eyewitnesses who have come forward, some decades later, to recount events that forever changed their thinking and their lives. Still others feature UFO researchers and field investigators who have met with witnesses to unexplained events and sightings who share their findings.

Still, with UFO sightings an almost daily occurrence, not every video or eyewitness account can be verified. Sadly, a percentage of the UFO videos available to the general public have been presented either by individuals who did not recognize a man-made object or event and mistook it for phenomenon or those seeking to delude the public outright. Below we present videos of testimonies given by highly credible witnesses with their views and personal experiences.
View These UFO Videos and Decide for Yourself!
These enriching and informative presentations include evidence of intercession by extraterrestrials in nuclear weapons programs, the existence of UFO craft in the United States, and advanced alien technologies. The speakers include highly-placed and covert-profile members of the United States governmental agencies, corporate leaders and civilians.

Perhaps the most famous UFO case on record surrounded a presumed UFO spacecraft crash, debunked by the U.S. government as a weather balloon, in Roswell, NM, in 1947. MUFON presents two videos about this event. The first from Major Jesse Marcel who himself was at the crash site and speaks of collecting metal pieces that he, with a vast knowledge of fabrication materials used by the aerospace industry, could not identify. Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin also addresses the issue in a video recorded in 2014. Additional audio recordings from the Kennedy and Eisenhower Presidencies underscore the level of awareness of the UFO incidents and their possible causes.

MUFON does not tell visitors what to think or what to believe. We believe and, perhaps after viewing these testimonies and doing some research on your own, you may as well. To learn more about our organization, check out our upcoming lectures and consider membership as well!