Whether your interest in UFO sightings is new or you’ve long been interested in extraterrestrial incidents, or perhaps you yourself have witnessed some phenomenon that you cannot explain, we invite you to read more about the top 20 most famous UFO cases in recorded history. For each, MUFON has compiled casebooks on these incidents, sourcing as many accounts as possible and presenting as many views as possible using scientific methodology wherever possible. Gain a better understanding of the events surrounding the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash retrieval. Or revisit an episode you watched on SyFy or the History Channel about Betty and Barney Hill’s harrowing encounter in New England in 1961. Did you hear about the recent possible non-extraterrestrial explanation for the Kecksburg PA crash in 1965? Everyone seems to have heard about the Abduction of Travis Walton in 1975, but do you know all the details of his encounter and subsequent treatment upon his return? What do you make of the Cash-Landrum incident in Texas in 1980 where eyewitnesses to an alleged UFO craft landing experienced skin and hair issues consistent with radiation poisoning? Many non-believers gripe that UFO sightings and other unexplained incidents seem to always occur in very remote areas. That does not explain the incident of UFOs over the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. in 1952, nor the more recent Phoenix Lights UFO craft sightings in 1997. Hundreds of credible witnesses reported lights flying in formation at extraordinary speeds over the city one evening. There are numerous home video records of the event including footage taken by a well-known local TV news personality. Have You Seen a UFO? Contact Us! ​ These incidents are by no means the sole sightings reported at that time. There are literally hundreds of UFO and related sightings every month. If you have experienced a sighting, have personally viewed a structured skycraft, have witnessed light orbs of any size, seen actual living entities that do not appear to be of earthly origin, have been abducted by aliens or have discovered animal mutilations or even crop circles, click here to report them. MUFON will catalogue your report and appreciates any level of detail that you can provide. These include testimony, photographs and videos. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes. In the interest of scientific examination and research, we thank you. Regarding the twenty most famous UFO cases we have cited here, you’ll see that the earliest reported sightings have been compiled from limited resources. These include microfiche from the newspapers of the day as few eyewitnesses, if any, were still living at the time of the respective investigation. Perhaps the most exciting prospect is that as technology progresses (after all, 15 years ago cell phones did not have cameras and today few of us are ever without them), there will likely be more and better documented sightings to research and consider. We invite believers as well as skeptics to review MUFON’s case histories of these famous UFO cases and decide for themselves. As always, if you have an interest in UFOs and would like to join our organization, please click here. Thank you!