Functional Directors



Director of International Development and Director of Investigations

Steven Hudgeons is Texas-born in 1950.  He is an 8-year U.S. Navy Veteran and has spent over 40-years in Construction as a Commercial Glazier with disciplines in installation, fabrication, estimation, selling and drafting as well as being an OSHA Outreach Trainer. 

During a 30-year membership in MUFON, Steve has been a Chief investigator, Section Director, Assistant State Director and State Director for Texas as well as previously serving as MUFON Director of Investigations, MUFON Director of Investigations International and now MUFON Director of International Development.  He has investigated and completed over 1,700 MUFON cases.

Past and present volunteer neighborhood projects;  21-year member and Captain of the Fort Worth Citizens on Patrol Charlie 14 Beat with the Fort Worth Police Department, 2-years President of the DHJ Little League Baseball, and 3-years President of the DHJ Neighborhood Advisory Council.



Director of Media Relations

For any media inquiries, licensing questions, appearance / interview requests, Ron James is the person to reach out to.  His unique knowledge and skills in the media business make him easy to work with and a valuable partner in your UFO / UAP media needs.

He is a filmmaker, on-camera personality, writer, editor, researcher, content creator and entrepreneur. 

James is the co-founder of MUFON Television, an online TV channel boasting the world’s largest collection of commercial-free UAP related material.  He has created 7 feature length documentaries and dozens of original independent series episodes.  

James has also been involved at the highest levels of production for musical acts such as Guns & Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Beach Boys, Earth Wind and Fire, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. 

He has won 19 national awards, including 4 EBE awards, The Telly Award and the Aegis Award for Excellence in Broadcasting four times.  

He currently makes his own shows including “Bigger Questions”, “Spacetime”, “MUFON Presents” and more.  He maintains his own independent production studio in Los Angeles.  

Email: [email protected]



Director of Ecperiencer Resource Team (ERT)

George is the ERT Team Director. George is a former professional athlete who spent 10 years in the Major Leagues as a pitcher for the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, and Milwaukee Brewers. During the off season, while playing professional baseball he attended the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. After completing his baseball career in 1982, he did an orthopedic residency at the University of Pittsburgh followed by a Sports Medicine Fellowship with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama.

After retirement from clinical practice, he pursued his love of astronomy becoming an amateur astronomer supplemented by university courses in Astrophysics. His curiosity about the UFO phenomenon led to his Field Investigator training with MUFON and an appointment as a Section State Director for Pennsylvania and ERT member. He also participated on MUFON’s Anomalous Foreign Body Removal Protocol Team. His interest in alien abduction was fostered by years of medical practice, a strong background in physics and astronomy and an interest in UFO phenome



Director of Underwater Research and Recovery

Debbie Ziegelmeyer of Imperial, Missouri, joined MUFON in 2000 and became a Field Investigator shorty after. She is currently a Star Team Investigator, the State Director of Missouri MUFON, a member of the MUFON Business Board of Directors, a MUFON archivist, conference speaker, Roswell 1947 incident investigator for ​over 20 years, and has made appearances on TV documentaries as an expert witness and archaeologist volunteer. Debbie is also a PADI Scuba Dive Instructor with teaching credentials in Deep Diver, Underwater Search and Recovery, Underwater Navigation, Boat Diving, Night diving, Wreck Diving, Enriched Air, Altitude Diving, Drift Diving, Underwater Photography, and Divers With Special Needs. Debbie’s full time occupation is small business owner. She is co-owner with husband Wayne and son Wayne Jr. of Arco Fire and Water Restoration Inc., Largo Properties LLC, Custom RV and Boat Storage LLC, and “World of Water Foundation”, a 501c3 dedicated to giving disabled veterans and children with special needs, the chance to experience scuba diving and other water related sports.

Debbie established the MUFON Dive Team in 2004 which is a team of expert divers and an underwater rapid response task force. These divers are MUFON Star Team Investigators trained to investigate unidentified submersed objects (USO) in relationship to a UFO sighting. They hold a minimum of an Advanced Diver Certification Card, have Advanced Underwater Navigation and Underwater Search and Recovery Certifications and own their own scuba dive equipment. The MUFON Dive Team is equipped to deploy and investigate a water mass of 130 feet deep or less in search of a USO/UFO or unidentified trace evidence related to a UFO sighting.



Director of Investigations for International

Bob Spearing graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Communications with Journalism and Film Production as major concentrations. Bob recently retired from the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey after 34 years. His many duties included being an FRA licensed Rail Traffic Controller and Locomotive Engineer. While in management he was a Safety Investigator, Contract Administrator, prepared multi-million-dollar budgets, managed public relations and curated historical railroad exhibitions at a major regional transportation hub.

Bob joined MUFON in 2014 as a Field Investigator and has previously been National Director of both Spain and India and led MUFON’s Special Assignment Team. Bob has long been involved with our various special projects including MARRS, the Pine Bush, N.Y. UFO Museum, the MUFON member social network called the Observer Network and the MUFON UFO Map App. He has had numerous articles published in various UFO related magazines around the world including four MUFON Journal cover stories and he has appeared in several television series as a photo analyst including UFOs: The Lost Evidence and Ancient Aliens.

A life long UFO enthusiast after reading Frank Edwards’ “Flying Saucers, Serious Business” as a child in the 1960s, he has only had two Ball of Light (BOL) sightings to speak of but has concentrated his area of expertise around that particular phenomenon as a result.
Bob lives in eastern Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains with his wife and twin boys.